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Gotta Love Dem Flashmen (Take II)

The Flashmen contest is technically over but we didn’t get the full onslaught of voicemails we’d have liked, so we’ve decided to do two things, extend the contest ’til Friday and lead by example.

The first is immediately in effect, the second is linked below and is St. Juice’s Flashmen Love Voicemail contribution. Hopefully this will spur off some of you anonymous people afraid to send something in.

love dem flashmen – St Juice

To leave us a voicemail call 646-402-5694 and hit extension 71793.

Don’t forget what you’re playing for.



p.s. Thanks to Jared over at Crush Central for giving us some love.


What’s Your Favorite Musician(‘s used glass dildo) worth to you?

True Fanzzz!

True Fanzzz!

Tell me, if you had $$$ and unrestricted access to your favorite artist, what would you claim? Bjork’s bath water? Thom Yorke’s Baby Teeth? Trent Reznor’s ego? Phil Spector’s wigs?

How about Amanda Palmer (from the Dresden Dolls)’ dildo?

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These Boys Are Prepped to Kill.

Cruisin' For Girls

Few of you know that St. Juice is a ham radio enthusiast, you’ll be even more amazed to find out that last weekend, extreme sunspot activity allowed the Juice to communicate instantaneously with an adolescent boy living in 1983 called Johnny Moroser.

When asked by St. Juice what kind of music he listened to, Moroser simply put his Polysix up to the microphone and played the bassline that would drive “Cruising for Girls By the Neon Cactus”.

My Pleasure, Miss! bring you the completed version, a sound that is as sexy as it is violent.

Cruising for Girls By the Neon Cactus – St. Juice (of DOB) feat. Johnny Moroser

Overload: FLASHMEN!


A little late but at least it’s finally come. For those who don’t know, Flashmen is a duo hailing from NYC (Bradley D) and Chicago (D-Evans). Their style defined by myspace is pop, disco house, new wave and that couldn’t be more true.  The wonderfully synth laden songs go beautifully with D-Evan’s splendid vocals as well as featured tracks with Bradley D singing. There have been numerous remixes of their songs popping up already and a greatly anticipated Spring Romance mixtape was just released! Little Wildkat, assumed to be the single from their Spy Hunter EP, was recently remixed by Jemex and Mr. Vega. Be sure you check out their mistape and myspace songs because you’ll be begging for more. I certainly was!

Flashmen – Little Wildkat (Jumex remix)

Flashmen – Little Wildkat (Mr. Vega remix)

Spring Romance CoverARt


Mixtape Monday 5: Stealing Third with St. Juice, the CORRECT way!

Don't be a fool, lick a lollipop!

What’ up Internets?

St Juice here, I play alongside Laini Li, making up 2/3 of D.O.B. (as my genitals on their own make up a third and the rest of my body comprises the other third) and this is my first post on MPM.

Today, I have a very special mixtape for you, but its only for grownups or at least, very sexy minors.

Depending on who you ask, third can mean oral, anal, BDSM or the inclusion of multiple partners/barnyard animals.

However, despite differing opinions on the degree of libertinage “third” calls for, all parties must agree that, as the penultimate step before your final carnal goal, it must be handled delicately and tactfully.

This mixtape is meant to be another weapon in your hookup arsenal; to complement the wine coolers, scented candles, cat-o-nine-tails and king-sized rubbers stashed under your bed.

Highlights include: Mike Reeb‘s sweet-as-candy panty dropper “Soft Spoken” and Juvelen‘s “Summer-Spring”, a surefire “make out”/ “put out”/ “pull out” anthem.

So, turn the lights down low and slip in some “St. Juice”, and while you’re up, you may as well start reaching for your birth control…

Get “Juiced”

Much love,

St Juice

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Let’s make love and listen to M83

One of my favorite albums in recent memory is M83’s “Saturday’s = Youth”. Taking a few pages from his previous albums, Anthony Gonzalez paints the John Hughes-inspired picture of a angst-ridden teens. More importantly, however, he has given the hipster world music to show their significant other (man, woman, or right hand) how they manage to be both hip and sensitive.

The album’s got it all, ranging from the slow, passionate lovemaking of “You, Appearing” to the pulsing rhythm of “Couleurs”. Hell, there’s even the eerily haunting “Skin of the Night” for those that are into the weirder stuff. My personal favorite from the album has to be “Kim & Jessie”, mainly because I had two dogs, Kim and Jessie, and they used to have sex all the time and my dad had to break them up by spraying them with the hose.

M83- Kim & Jessie
I don’t know about you, but when I’m with my special friend (see the plaid androgynous fella above), I like to start things slow and show her him it that I’m really devoting myself completely to her him it. What about you? What’s your favorite music to touch another person to? I think this is becoming a weekly column, so more to cum!
-Alex W