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Gotta Love Dem Flashmen (Take II)

The Flashmen contest is technically over but we didn’t get the full onslaught of voicemails we’d have liked, so we’ve decided to do two things, extend the contest ’til Friday and lead by example.

The first is immediately in effect, the second is linked below and is St. Juice’s Flashmen Love Voicemail contribution. Hopefully this will spur off some of you anonymous people afraid to send something in.

love dem flashmen – St Juice

To leave us a voicemail call 646-402-5694 and hit extension 71793.

Don’t forget what you’re playing for.



p.s. Thanks to Jared over at Crush Central for giving us some love.


These Boys Are Prepped to Kill.

Cruisin' For Girls

Few of you know that St. Juice is a ham radio enthusiast, you’ll be even more amazed to find out that last weekend, extreme sunspot activity allowed the Juice to communicate instantaneously with an adolescent boy living in 1983 called Johnny Moroser.

When asked by St. Juice what kind of music he listened to, Moroser simply put his Polysix up to the microphone and played the bassline that would drive “Cruising for Girls By the Neon Cactus”.

My Pleasure, Miss! bring you the completed version, a sound that is as sexy as it is violent.

Cruising for Girls By the Neon Cactus – St. Juice (of DOB) feat. Johnny Moroser