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Gotta Love Dem Flashmen (Take II)

The Flashmen contest is technically over but we didn’t get the full onslaught of voicemails we’d have liked, so we’ve decided to do two things, extend the contest ’til Friday and lead by example.

The first is immediately in effect, the second is linked below and is St. Juice’s Flashmen Love Voicemail contribution. Hopefully this will spur off some of you anonymous people afraid to send something in.

love dem flashmen – St Juice

To leave us a voicemail call 646-402-5694 and hit extension 71793.

Don’t forget what you’re playing for.



p.s. Thanks to Jared over at Crush Central for giving us some love.


Please Bear With Us.

Gloomy bear vs. hosting company.

Gloomy bear vs. hosting company.

My Pleasure Miss and Gloomy Bear wanted to apologize for any broken links on the site, our mp3 host seemingly went out of business over the weekend!

But don’t blame them, don’t blame us either.

If you have to blame someone, “Blame It on the Boogie” in 320kbs courtesy of drop.io (for the time being).

“Blame It on The Boogie” – Jackson 5



Children + Boney M = 100% Italodisco Banger?!!!

I'm so freekin' happy.

(Click for Video)

What happens when you unleash Boney M on a bunch of cute kids?

Pure Electro Magic.

I recently picked up a CD of Italodisco hits in the bargain bin section of the internet and my favorite song by far is “Happy Song” by Baby’s Gang. This song was a number one hit in Europe twice! The first time in 1983 for Baby’s Gang in their native Italy, the second time as a cover by Boney M the following year.

Information on Baby’s Gang is scant on the internet, sources say they were on Memory Records, a minorly succesful Italo-disco label. But if Italodisco means nothing to you, think of Baby’s Gang as:

(Justice’s D.A.N.C.E. – Michael Jackson) x (Outrunners + Kavinsky + Muscles)

Which should equal EPIC in anyone’s book.

A truly happy song for the weekend.

Here is the “Extended Dancefloor Version” in 320 for you DJ’s/mp3 hustlers, I guarantee it will bring the heat at your local party.

Baby’s Gang – Happy Song

Bonus Sh*t:

More Baby’s Gang mp3 goodies at  discoworkout and 20JazzFunkGreats.

Mixtape Monday 3: An All Night Disco Affair

Bradley D’s awesome skate jam mixtape got me into a disco state of mind, so I whipped up this 20 minutes all-disco mix, no fancy mixing, just a reminder of all the funk, cheese and soul that our parents used to copulate to. (Enjoy that image)

The first track, ‘Grooveberry Jam’ isn’t a disco standard per se, DJ Pumpkin Patch dropped it circa 2006, and I heard it for the first time at Rad 5 in Bloomington where I saw Pumpkin Patch destroy, alongside Action Jackson and Totally Michael. Pumpkin’s based in Brooklyn and plays a mean show: mashups, groovy disco, and electro all effortlessly blended. Add him on myspaz immediately.

Other highlights include Bumblebee Unlimited’s ‘Lady Bug (Just Let Me)’, you’ll beeee (hardy-har) singing the hook all year!

Download (22min/8.5mb)


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