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“skanky no” to “sexy pro” in 30 mins

Seal of Approval

Lori Samsel’s exercise video “Get in the Van” is the best thing I’ve heard of in a long time. Imagine Jane Fonda doing leg raises. Now imagine her doing them in time to cracked-out, blipped-out electro blaring out of a gameboy-shaped boombox. Now imagine her in outer space, on a pirate ship, under the sea and all over the universe!

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I Believe in You, Justine.

The Party Ends/Mayowa + SX70

The Party Ends/Mayowa + SX70

“The party ended in 2003.”,

She said, with all her fingers pressed to her temples.

Even in this disheveled state, she still looked beautiful in the half morning light. I knew it would be the last time our shadows would dance together.

“Justine Beats the Odds” by St. Juice

Chin up, down kids.