Synthpop can’t be stopped

La Roux,  The red haired one, the red headed girl with a wacky hairdo but whatever nicknames you’ve got for her it seems like she’s blowin’ up this year. My first encounter with La Roux was on the Kitsune Compilation 6 with the song “Quicksand” which quickly became one of my favorites from that album.  After continuously playing the Kitsune comp I moved onto bigger and better things and almost forgot about La Roux until I heard remixes from The Twelves, Lifelike, and Foamo. This prompted me to delve farther into the biography of La Roux and take a gander and some more of her singles.  Ladies and gents, it appears that she’ll be releasing her debut album on June 29th of this year!

I’ve added a couple links so you can get a taste of this yummy brit electropop.

La Roux – In For the Kill (The Twelves remix)

La Roux – Quicksand

La Roux – Bulletproof (Foamo Dubstep remix)

I call your Kavinsky and raise you a La Roux!

La Roux - In For the Kill

Kavinsky - Dead Cruiser


Please Bear With Us.

Gloomy bear vs. hosting company.

Gloomy bear vs. hosting company.

My Pleasure Miss and Gloomy Bear wanted to apologize for any broken links on the site, our mp3 host seemingly went out of business over the weekend!

But don’t blame them, don’t blame us either.

If you have to blame someone, “Blame It on the Boogie” in 320kbs courtesy of (for the time being).

“Blame It on The Boogie” – Jackson 5



Children + Boney M = 100% Italodisco Banger?!!!

I'm so freekin' happy.

(Click for Video)

What happens when you unleash Boney M on a bunch of cute kids?

Pure Electro Magic.

I recently picked up a CD of Italodisco hits in the bargain bin section of the internet and my favorite song by far is “Happy Song” by Baby’s Gang. This song was a number one hit in Europe twice! The first time in 1983 for Baby’s Gang in their native Italy, the second time as a cover by Boney M the following year.

Information on Baby’s Gang is scant on the internet, sources say they were on Memory Records, a minorly succesful Italo-disco label. But if Italodisco means nothing to you, think of Baby’s Gang as:

(Justice’s D.A.N.C.E. – Michael Jackson) x (Outrunners + Kavinsky + Muscles)

Which should equal EPIC in anyone’s book.

A truly happy song for the weekend.

Here is the “Extended Dancefloor Version” in 320 for you DJ’s/mp3 hustlers, I guarantee it will bring the heat at your local party.

Baby’s Gang – Happy Song

Bonus Sh*t:

More Baby’s Gang mp3 goodies at  discoworkout and 20JazzFunkGreats.

Breakin’ and Jokers of the Scene?!

It appears that Breakin’ has been ressurected from the 80’s and it’s back with a vengence in the Jokers of the Scene video.  I highly suggest watching Breakin’ and it’s sequel, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo but be weary considering you might die of laughter. The dance scenes are unbelievably cheesy but no worries, the plot will reel you in . I mean, Ice-T is in the first one so you obviously can’t go wrong! 

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Here’s a taste of a scene from Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. Hospital ftw! Don’t worry, it gets good at the 2 minute mark. 

Seven Deadly Wins: Seduction

Seven Deadly Wins-SeductionI’ve taken St. Juice’s original concept of combining seven simple songs into a mixtape and my results are heavy on the Australian artists. 

Welcome to mHo’s Seven Deadly Wins Volume 1 entitled “Seduction”.  I’ve had an affair with house and disco, I apologize profusely bangerz. I’ll try and make it up to you. <3 mHo

So here goes the run down of my selections for the debut Miss-tape from moi. 

Grafton to start it off with a bang with their track All stars which is quickly offset by Caged Baby’s downtempo and soothing “Hello There”.  The perfect segue between this and the Twelves original track, Works for me, was an instrumental track from The Scientists of Modern music. I’m in love with the Twelves and their lyrics for this song [“when you make out with two girls at the door// i think it works for me// when you pass out on the bathroom floor// i think it works for me”] because it reminds me of images from Bronques’ photos of debauchery on LastNightsParty.  The next selection picks up with Russ Chimes’ remix of Continue that has  a throbbing beat and wonderfully wispy vocoded vocals.  Topping off the female vocals, I bring in Moulinex’s Come on Closer which leads into the closer from Danger’s remix of Love juice. Danger’s take on this song combines some unique sounds with superb solos on the keyboard. That about does it for my debut mixtape and I hope ya’ll enjoy it. 

P.S. If you have a chance, check out Moulinex’s remix of Love Juice by SymbolOne. 


mHo – Seven Deadly Wins:  Seduction
Tracklist: Continue reading

Absolutely brilliant!

I miss the times when my vocabulary was transformed by a Scottish broad I was dating. “oh that’s absolutely brilliant” was a reoccuring phrase in her repritoire and I think it can be appropriately be applied to this lads albeit they’re from England, not Scotland. Numerous sources place similarities between Late of the Pier and the Klaxons due to the deliverance of lyrics and yet again I cannot disagree with this.  For a while, these blokes have been hovering in coversations that I’ve been around and finally Ive gone and given them a listen.  A few songs such as Random Firl remind me distinctly of Modest Mouse on  Good News for People Who Loves Bad News because of the shrill guitar licks but regardless of the track they bring a pulsating beat that won’t put you to sleep.  My favorite song from their newest album Fantasy Black Channel has to be Space and the Woods with the superb hook and the way it makes you just want to sing along.  With most of the tracks being produced by Erol Alkan, these guys can’t stray too far from greatness and it was proved so with a top ranking of 28th on the UK charts. 

Late of the Pier – Space and the Woods 

Late of the Pier-mHo

edit: Here’s the video for the Bears are  coming by them as well. Thanks Juice!

Aussie <3

Cut Copy, The Presets, PNAU, Miami Horror, Bag Raiders, it seems like the list of Australian artists go on forever. It does and I’m adding another: Grafton Primary. A brothers duo along with a drummer make up this trio that cut great tunes from down under. These fellas released an album Eon last year which has tidbits that remind me of old school synths similar to New Order and other tunes that remind me of Midnight Juggernauts with their electronic+rock take to music. I’ve noticed a trend for most bands these days : live drums, synth(s), and superb vocals. It’s a recipe for success that makes the kids dance! Be sure to keep an eye out for these guys and i’ll even toss you my one of my favorite tracks from this album so you can whet your appetite. 

Grafton Primary – All Stars

Grafton Primary-mHo

p.s. I think I need a pair of those boots. My snakesnkin just aren’t cutting it anymore.