Weekend Mixtape (If it ain’t 8bit…)

Juice said it.

Made this for Lori over at Get In The Van (from last week)

It’s a bunch of songs by St. Juice leaning more to the 8bit side of things. “8bit” is music made using gameboys, or any retro computer and video game hardware.

The mixtape is more “fake”-bit, it’s made using some of Tweakbench’s software instruments (VSTs) that emulate the sound of those wonderfully, shitty, evocative machines, so no real gameboys were harmed in the making of this mixtape…

Enjoy, this one clocks in at just over 12 minutes.

1212 by St. Juice.

Tracklist + More fake/8bit links

Girls on The Internet – St Juice
Michael Meets His Match – St Juice
Justine Beats the Odds – St Juice feat. Alex Minnette
Shine Again Reprise – St. Juice
Perfect Eye – St. Juice


Best 8bit on the internet:

Nullsleep (label head/artist on 8bitpeoples)

Depreciation Guild

Coova and Bud Melvin (you’d be amazed how good bango and gameboys sound together)

Anything on 8bitpeoples

Anything on micromusic.net‘s top 100.

Best fakebit party machines on the internet:

Crystal Castles


You Love Her Coz She’s Dead


One response to “Weekend Mixtape (If it ain’t 8bit…)

  1. Go give Alex Minnette some props at his myspace for his awesome guitar solo/dolo.


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