“skanky no” to “sexy pro” in 30 mins

Seal of Approval

Lori Samsel’s exercise video “Get in the Van” is the best thing I’ve heard of in a long time. Imagine Jane Fonda doing leg raises. Now imagine her doing them in time to cracked-out, blipped-out electro blaring out of a gameboy-shaped boombox. Now imagine her in outer space, on a pirate ship, under the sea and all over the universe!

Intriguing, isn’t it?

Check out the trailer, prepare your eyeballs for artfully-done, green-screen madness and a cast of colorful puppet characters. Prepare your ears for  lo-fi, yet undeniably dancable music from the likes of Twilight Electric, an artist on the awesome 8BitPeoples netlabel, Desert Planet, Lori herself and many more awesome Chiptune artists. Finally, prepare to Puyo Puyo your way through the best half hour of your life! (not counting the time you downloaded Dj mHo’s Seduction mixtape and listened to it twice back-to-back)

The video can be purchased at Lori’s website or at micromusic.net, if you’re looking for a fun way to whip that dip into shape or simply curious about the wonderful world of Chiptunes!

Twilight Electric’s most recent release can be downloaded from the 8BitPeoples website for FREE!!! ( along with 99 other albums from talented chiptune artist, including one from Kitsune/Blog House favorite David Sugar)


3 responses to ““skanky no” to “sexy pro” in 30 mins

  1. Skinny Princess Peach image stolen from thisisevermore at deviant art, check out their page here: http://thisisevermore.deviantart.com

    Curvy Princess Peach stolen from Tubby Toon, alas I couldn’t find any more info about the illustrator.

    p.s. lest you think I’m a bad person, I want y’all to know I support body diversity. Bring on the cush, girlies.


  2. Added to the testimonials! You look so much better now! I’m glad the video worked!


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