Seven Deadly Wins: Seduction

Seven Deadly Wins-SeductionI’ve taken St. Juice’s original concept of combining seven simple songs into a mixtape and my results are heavy on the Australian artists. 

Welcome to mHo’s Seven Deadly Wins Volume 1 entitled “Seduction”.  I’ve had an affair with house and disco, I apologize profusely bangerz. I’ll try and make it up to you. <3 mHo

So here goes the run down of my selections for the debut Miss-tape from moi. 

Grafton to start it off with a bang with their track All stars which is quickly offset by Caged Baby’s downtempo and soothing “Hello There”.  The perfect segue between this and the Twelves original track, Works for me, was an instrumental track from The Scientists of Modern music. I’m in love with the Twelves and their lyrics for this song [“when you make out with two girls at the door// i think it works for me// when you pass out on the bathroom floor// i think it works for me”] because it reminds me of images from Bronques’ photos of debauchery on LastNightsParty.  The next selection picks up with Russ Chimes’ remix of Continue that has  a throbbing beat and wonderfully wispy vocoded vocals.  Topping off the female vocals, I bring in Moulinex’s Come on Closer which leads into the closer from Danger’s remix of Love juice. Danger’s take on this song combines some unique sounds with superb solos on the keyboard. That about does it for my debut mixtape and I hope ya’ll enjoy it. 

P.S. If you have a chance, check out Moulinex’s remix of Love Juice by SymbolOne. 


mHo – Seven Deadly Wins:  Seduction

1. Grafton Primary – All Stars
2. Caged Baby – Hello There (The Presets remix)
3. The Scientists of Modern Music – Electronic Sunset
4. The Twelves – Works for Me
5. Minitel Rose – Continue (Russ Chimes remix)
6. Moulinex – Come on Closer
7. SymbolOne – Love Juice (Danger TV Remix)


2 responses to “Seven Deadly Wins: Seduction

  1. Well mixed sexy tunes. Seduction is a win!

    Electronic Sunset’s a definite highlight.

    I also must add, I “Love Juice”.

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