Aussie <3

Cut Copy, The Presets, PNAU, Miami Horror, Bag Raiders, it seems like the list of Australian artists go on forever. It does and I’m adding another: Grafton Primary. A brothers duo along with a drummer make up this trio that cut great tunes from down under. These fellas released an album Eon last year which has tidbits that remind me of old school synths similar to New Order and other tunes that remind me of Midnight Juggernauts with their electronic+rock take to music. I’ve noticed a trend for most bands these days : live drums, synth(s), and superb vocals. It’s a recipe for success that makes the kids dance! Be sure to keep an eye out for these guys and i’ll even toss you my one of my favorite tracks from this album so you can whet your appetite. 

Grafton Primary – All Stars

Grafton Primary-mHo

p.s. I think I need a pair of those boots. My snakesnkin just aren’t cutting it anymore.


3 responses to “Aussie <3

  1. track is hot like fyah.

    The Grafton Primary look like they sound, you know?

  2. electropopwhore

    sexy and avante garde?

  3. like the whole party is in their pants, you mean…

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