Absolutely brilliant!

I miss the times when my vocabulary was transformed by a Scottish broad I was dating. “oh that’s absolutely brilliant” was a reoccuring phrase in her repritoire and I think it can be appropriately be applied to this lads albeit they’re from England, not Scotland. Numerous sources place similarities between Late of the Pier and the Klaxons due to the deliverance of lyrics and yet again I cannot disagree with this.  For a while, these blokes have been hovering in coversations that I’ve been around and finally Ive gone and given them a listen.  A few songs such as Random Firl remind me distinctly of Modest Mouse on  Good News for People Who Loves Bad News because of the shrill guitar licks but regardless of the track they bring a pulsating beat that won’t put you to sleep.  My favorite song from their newest album Fantasy Black Channel has to be Space and the Woods with the superb hook and the way it makes you just want to sing along.  With most of the tracks being produced by Erol Alkan, these guys can’t stray too far from greatness and it was proved so with a top ranking of 28th on the UK charts. 

Late of the Pier – Space and the Woods 

Late of the Pier-mHo

edit: Here’s the video for the Bears are  coming by them as well. Thanks Juice!


2 responses to “Absolutely brilliant!

  1. Sweet picture, you should check out the vid for “Bears Are Coming”, it’s pretty rad!

  2. cuties. <3

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