“Nu-disco” is the trendiest

For those who haven’t been aware of VEGA‘s rise to the charts I’ll give you some background. VEGA was part of Ghosthustler (the lead vocals) but how now gone solo with a backup band to help him. After a mediocre following with Ghosthustler, VEGA has gotten huge on some of this biggest blogs[Bigstereo; Discodust] the best part is he’s from Dallas!  Well, his poppy synth lines have captured audiences retiring from those ol’ bngrs (read: bangers) who still want to move their feet and shake their hips. I was lucky to catch VEGA’s first stop before he started his U.S. tour to promote his upcoming EP, Well Known Pleasures. After remembering Alan muttering about another show in Dallas, I found out that he’ll be returning on June 3th for a followup in his hometown! Here’s a taste of his new summer single entitled No Reasons; beware it might be hard to wipe a smile off your face while you glide to the beats.

VEGA – No Reasons 


P.S. Anyone going to this besides me? See you at the Cavern

VEGA - Detour


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