Overload: FLASHMEN!


A little late but at least it’s finally come. For those who don’t know, Flashmen is a duo hailing from NYC (Bradley D) and Chicago (D-Evans). Their style defined by myspace is pop, disco house, new wave and that couldn’t be more true.  The wonderfully synth laden songs go beautifully with D-Evan’s splendid vocals as well as featured tracks with Bradley D singing. There have been numerous remixes of their songs popping up already and a greatly anticipated Spring Romance mixtape was just released! Little Wildkat, assumed to be the single from their Spy Hunter EP, was recently remixed by Jemex and Mr. Vega. Be sure you check out their mistape and myspace songs because you’ll be begging for more. I certainly was!

Flashmen – Little Wildkat (Jumex remix)

Flashmen – Little Wildkat (Mr. Vega remix)

Spring Romance CoverARt



2 responses to “Overload: FLASHMEN!

  1. Epic!

    This has been too long in the coming. The internet already loves Flashmen.

    I think the world is seriously in need of some MPM remixes!


  2. electropopwhore

    I know! Gotta get the skaseii juke on this flashmen shiz!

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