Old city, new job, similar lifestyle?

It’s been a bit since we’ve posted on but for me it’s finally come that time for a change in my life. *Cheers* I’ve been hired onto a street marketing team with Cornerstone promotions. The best part is it’s a Reebok remix campaign. Here’s the Kidz in the Hall advert for Footlocker and Fools Gold just has a recent post about Kid Sister’s remix track called I’ll House You remixed by Treasure Fingers.  Anyways, I’vve been busy filling out paper work and figuring out what my requirements are as a street team member. I can’t contain my excitement because my job entails going to shows/events, postering, flyering and just spreading the word about the Reebok Classics. 

Dallas 2009 here I come. 

Love this pic of kid sis

kid sis



2 responses to “Old city, new job, similar lifestyle?

  1. srsly, nice job mHo, the cornerstone gig should be sweet.

    I thought you guys had Levi’s as clients too, hook us up with some 511’s man.

    Tight is Right.

  2. electropopwhore

    Yes, Levi’s is a client as well. They also produce the Fader Mag and are part of the record label :P

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