Happy poppy electronica can never do a heart wrong

Welcome Safariari from Norway who recently sent us a link to their promo site where we could listen to 5 of their songs fo’ free! Of the five songs that were available for download, Stephen recommended the track entitled Lommedisko and I agree with him but I’d also like to draw ya’lls attention to En Lirare and Remington Super 60. The synth riff from En Lirare reminds me of a more upbeat Royksopp and I enjoy the faster tempo that it’s set at. The first half of Remington Super 60 does not suit my fancy but after about 2:45 I love when it transitions into a more disco-y feel with a guitar and a nice filtered clap rather than the previously mentioned cheesy video game music. Unfortunately, I felt like I was playing some 32 bit SNES game when I heard the beginning of this but the last half of this song drew me in. Lastly, Lommedisko just has that perfect 80’s synth for me to instantly like it.  I love all the intricate layers with bells and the pitch altered keyboard notes.

Thanks again Stephen for the promo and good luck to Safariari.



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