The Bird and The Bee/BOTW #1

Pretty Inside

Pretty Inside

Bonus Audio:

I put The Bird and The Bee on the “Teenage Drama” mixtape from a while back. Their second release, “Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future” dropped late 2008 and I’m pretty in love with “Love Letter to Japan”. Not only because it reminds me of MPM’s resident pinup, Rumi, but because it has a pretty epic Japanese bridge that puts HeartsRevolution to shame.

Bird and the Bee are the band you wish you were in: cute jazz song ‘bird’ vocalist, perfect pairings of acoustic and electronic elements; perfect guitar/piano pop with subversive lyrics and lush arrangments. It sounds like nothing you’ve heard before (unless you’re a connoseur of Jazz-Pop-Tronica fusion) and listening to Bird and the Bee will make you a better person, and may even make you think about leaving BNGRZ behind for good.

Bird and the Bee is:

Inara ‘Bird’ George, Half-Japanese (maybe) songbird, full-fledged hottie (definitely)

Greg ‘Bee’ Curstin (Producer/Instrumentalist Extraordinaire , you probably heard his touch on Ladyhawke’s debut, the last Kylie record, and an obscure record called Californication by an even smaller band called the Red Hot Chilli Peppers)


The Bird and The Bee – Love Letter to Japan


One response to “The Bird and The Bee/BOTW #1

  1. To help fuel your obsession:

    Performance on Ellen’s show:

    on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

    The album was a complete shift from what they hit the charts with originally–can’t say that I like much of it as much as I did “Fucking Boyfriend”–but Love Letter is a tight track

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