Purdue’s fashion show dj’d by mHo!

The title says it all and I love shameless self promotion! I, the fledgling asian Dj mHo will be performing for the Purdue Fashion Show on April 4th. There will be two shows consisting of an afternoon one and a night-time one. According to sources the night show is quite a bit more exciting but when I inquired why no clear answer was given. I assume the ambiance along with the lighting, perhaps a sunset, and some ciaro scuro adds the extra sexy feel to the evening show.

Details are as follow:

When:  Saturday April 4th Afternoon Show (1pm) – $10 and $15

Saturday April 4th Evening Show (8pm) – $15 and $20 [nature’s beautiful ambiance adds some bucks]

Where: Shivley Media Center (The skybox at Purdue’s Stadium aka Ross Ade Pavilion)

Why: The Purdue Fashion Association has an annual fashion show so the students can demonstrate their manipulation of fabric and have models show it off. It’s a runway show and that’s rather self explanator. =) Hope to see you guys out there!



One response to “Purdue’s fashion show dj’d by mHo!

  1. omg awesome.

    I’m glad you got the gig! How was it, I hope you recorded it!

    Did you see kelly/seth? I know one of them wore some trashy ghetto shorts, my money’s on seth because he’s into that sort of thing.

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