Animated music videos

I love the cross between reality and fantasy. I feel like the recent trend among artists is to do so. Animated + real footage = 2k9 video, rite?

1) Ah Ha – Take On Me (at least they start it off with sketches)
2) Justice – d.a.n.c.e.
3) Kanye West – Heartless (hafta link b/c Kayne is too good to be embedded on teh innerwebz)

4) Kid Cudi – Day ‘n’ Nite.

Actually the 80’s are just coming back more ferociously eh?
ps speaking of reality and fantasy (or dreamz), who likes Paprika?

edit: thx Dp and vimeo for Kid Cudi


One response to “Animated music videos

  1. I really like the video for Dan Black’s “Alone”, it reminds me of that 80s video with the stop motion animation around the head.

    Mind you, that boy is beautiful though. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what the song sounds like, I was entranced too by the colors and the “white boy dancing”…

    Check it:

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