What is the internet anyway?

Whut is durrr inter-webs?

Bitch, I'm on teh internets! - MSN.com in 1996

Over the last two years, the web has grown to include a vast array of information — everything from stock quotes to job opportunities, bulletin boards to news, previews of movies, literary reviews, and games….Because it is very easy to publish on the web, many individuals have set up personal “home pages,” pages about themselves and their interests, pictures of themselves, and more. Some even have pointers to what they are wearing in the office that day or their pet.

MSN: “The Big Picture – Why do I care?” – An Internet Tutorial, October 1996

Kids, it has been too long since anyone posted on MPM and I fear that some of us may have forgotten how to use this newfangled thing called the Internet, also known as the interwebs, webernets and interworlds. I went on wayback machine (essentially an Internet time capsule) and pulled out this Internet guide posted on MSN.com in October 1996 and it has quite straight-forward instructions to help us all get acquainted with the internet biznatch again. So you know, click the following Universal Resource Locater (URL) in your “browser” to get back to basics, “simplify your online life” and start blogging again.

Wayback Machine web page archive of MSN.com in 1996.

Meanwhile, While the MPM authors are figuring out how to surf the web, point your peripheral/input device to the “hyperlink” below and download the linked document.

It’s an mp3 of a St. Juice Original, simply called “Shine 8tro”, for all you Salsa/Tropical/Techno/Nintendo Bass/WTF-loving dancing stars.

St. Juice – Shine 8tro (Right/Command Click, Save As, Get Juiced!)

Later homies.

p.s. The Wayback Machine is really useful if you want to relive your favorite porno site homepage from 1996. If you find anything epic, please, please, please share!


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