‘Seven Deadly Wins’ Mixtape Series: (Envy w/ Mayowa)

Envy is the Flavor of the Weak

Pretty simple concept, make a mixtape with seven tracks. No fewer, no more! I would really like to make this into a feature with contributions from other mixtape authors, starting with yours!

All you need are seven mp3’s, a free audio editor like Audacity or a trial version of some DAW/DJ software like Ableton or Traktor!

Doesn’t it feel good to WIN?


Envy Tracklist + Explanation.

Envy, because  you always wished you were making highly-pleasurable, danceable indie-pop like these guys.

It don’t mean a thing, if ain’t got that swing!

The Magnificent Seven:

New Order – Age of Consent

Protokoll – Moving Forward

Kings of Leon – King of the Rodeo

She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart

Pete and the Pirates – Bright Lights

Bloc Party – This Modern Love

The Postal Service – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight


3 responses to “‘Seven Deadly Wins’ Mixtape Series: (Envy w/ Mayowa)

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