A split personality

“all of this controversy circles me and it seems like the media immediately points a finger at me…” Ooops.. wrong rapper. To reiterate from my previous post about Kate Perry: controversy, regardless of it’s nature can draw attention and that’s exactly what you want if you yearn to be famous. Case in point, Kayne is the king of controversy from his Bush antics, to the infamous incident at the European music awards concerning Best Video Kayne and  Justice vs Simian,  and of course his constant pompous attitude that he’s God’s gift to man.

So here’s the rundown from my point of view: He’s a complete jackass personality wise, his arrogance pisses me off (it should be Daft Punk FEATURING Kayne West in that collab not vice versa *ugh*) but I can’t deny I love his musical talent. I remember listening to All Falls Down among many other fresh tunes from College Dropout. Fast forward to the present and his most recent video Heartless still is of the same caliber if not better.

Random thoughts from this vid: 1) When did he start smoking? Did I miss something? 2) Props or is it just ridic that there are huge Jetsons paintings 3) I love that I feel like I’m on an acid trip thru space… 4) I <3 vocoders, but are they overdone?

Plain and simple: You love him and you hate him so much, right?




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