Kitsune; that numbered cd or w/e


Two weeks after the release of the 6th Kitsune, I finally succumbed to listening to it. The past compilations usually have a few redeeming tracks to bring it a mediocre listening session but this recent released has caught my attention rather quickly with La Roux, Superheroes, along with Ted & Francis.  This mix makes me want to get up and dance instead of merely playing it through my headphones while I surf the web.  A quick rundown of the album is available here.

My fave thus far:

Ted & Francis – I Wish I Was a Polar Bear (Arctic Urgency edit)

Ahh, the greatness that surrounds his earnest echoing voice in your ears as he yearns to be a polar bear. Even though it’s a typical 80’s sounding synth, I dearly love the riff and melody that compliment the vocals. P.S. you can’t go wrong with an organ too, right?

Image from Kitsune’s myspace



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