Gaydom + taboo = instant success

Who’s a sucker for pop? *raises hand*. Let’s all just accept that through our clouds of pretension when we’re in our rooms at home listening to the radio (wait. ray deee oh? what’s the eff is that) we move just a bit to the catchy tunes of popdom.  Remember that Aussie turned Brit we blogged about? Good ol’ Sammy Sparro has a cover by the controversial popstar Katy Perry.
Controversial is a lame term but that’s what the public has smeared her with due to the summer classic “I kissed a Girl” about a same sex encounter and a previous LP (from last year) entitled Ur So Gay. Isn’t that the way to reach the mass media though? Controversy enabled her to launch herself into pop stardom and I couldn’t be much happier =)

I’m a sucker for wispy female vocals esp from hawties

Do you think she’s a talented singer or is she trying to hard in her cover of Sammy?

Kate Perry

Is that Ocelot with her?!

Sam Sparro – Blackand Gold (Kate Perry acoustic cover)



2 responses to “Gaydom + taboo = instant success

  1. Very Nice man

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