The Enright House


I came across The Enright House a few weeks ago while listening to the Teenage Drama mixtape that Mayowa posted. Born in Hamburg (also having lived in Chicago and presently New Zealand), Mark Roberts created The Enright House in 2001. According to TEH’s website, the music is “best suited for rainy autumn-winter days, or for slitting one’s wrists, or for falling in and out of love and philosophizing about life, or simply for rolling around in your feelings like an Irish Wolfdog in the leaves of a forest park.” After listening to “Darkwave = MC Squared”, it’s hard to argue with that description.  With hints of electronica and ambient along with a  heaping dose of incredible songwriting, The Enright House creates a unique and powerful sound.

Here are a few tracks that I think are worth your time to listen to…

The Enright House- Darkwave = MC Squared

The Enright House- We Might As Well Have Stayed Young

Mark plans on touring the US in the coming months, so if you live in the midwest, be sure to keep your eyes open for The Enright House in the middle of next year!

If you liked what you heard, you can find  free new tracks from The Enright House here, and also a free 7″ which Mark splits with Break Mission Kills here!

-Alex W


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