Show Review: Deerhoof & TV on the Radio

Oh my 3rd post today! Can you guys handle it???

I feel spoiled for seeing so many great shows lately. Thursday, I drove down to Bloomington to see Deerhoof supported by Experimental Dental School and AU. Sunday, I got to see & hear TV on the Radio magic.

SRSLY who doesn’t like little Japanese girls? tee hee (^___^) srsly tho. Deerhoof is one of the most energetic bands I have seen. You can tell the band has so much fun on stage and the energy is passed on to the crowd. Singer/Bassist Satomi Matsuzaki is probably not even 5 ft, but she rocks the stage hard. The band produces a supah happy fun fantastic kawaii experimental-pop sound which becomes even more kawaii when Satomi’s vocals come in. Satomi incorporates cute dance moves while singing Japanese/English and you just want to jump up and down for their whole set. Okay, so I’m a little Japanese girl… who wants to start a band?

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TV on the Radio:
Wow. TVOTR really brings it. This band definitely ranks in the top 3 of all the bands I’ve seen this year. I’m sure who has seen them agrees. Singer Tunde Adebimpe’s vocals are somehow powerful and sensitive at the same time. The band is intense and forceful, they had no problem pleasing Indianapolis. My favorite moment of the night was when they played “Wolf like Me.” Sounds cheesy, but I felt like the band and the crowd came together… Especially when Tunde walked over to the crowd and the crowd reached out to the band. I have never seen The Vogue so packed and so lively… ever.

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ps: MPM contributor Mayowa is not in TVOTR nor Bloc Party.

—Rumi S


2 responses to “Show Review: Deerhoof & TV on the Radio

  1. Are you sure that’s not a picture of me?

    I mean, the guy’s black and into rock ‘n roll…

    Maybe we’re related.

  2. well the jpnz girl on top is actually me.
    and the black guy on the bottom is actually you.
    but dont tell the internets…
    they dont know that the jokes on them.

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