Mixtape Monday: St. Juice Round One (Sexclusive)

St Juice vs. Haters

St Juice Round 1, some shitty tracks I made over the last year or so…

And by shitty, I mean EPIC, of course!

At least when I’m referring to the St Juice Parts, there are a few donations from MeMinor, Mayowa and SynWav, who are completely different entities from the ‘Juice and not nearly as awesome.

Anyway, 4 Tracks, 4 tracks are all I need…

Spazzy 808 Claps will introduce you to Sexual Chocolate, the kind that melts in your mouth, not in your hands ;) .

Arpeggiate, instigate and copulate on the dancefloor with Rapostle Hustle.

You can’t get the sax from Orni4 out of your head? Well, maybe the talking drums, congas and huge analog synth in the chorus will rattle something loose!!!

You’ll wanna turn Trials way up, you’ve never heard one boy, one guitar and robot backing band rock so hard.

Get Juiced
. (~7 Minutes/ 7mb)


Sexual Chocolate (Myspace page anthem) – Syn Wav
Rapostle Hustle (rough)– St Juice of DOB infamy
Orni4 – St Juice
Trials (rough instrumental) – Mayowa

p.s. The horns from Orni4 are not stolen from ‘Heartbeat’ by the Pyschedelic Furs, really. Tout’s Honor!


6 responses to “Mixtape Monday: St. Juice Round One (Sexclusive)

  1. phew, it got really hot in my room once my iTunes started playing this mixtape.

  2. In that case, you already know that “orni4” is short for “horni4rumi”.

    srsly, the track’s begging for you and Bradley D’s sexpert touch.

  3. electropopwhore

    totes juiced out. DAMN BOY

  4. the sax will forever compliment the feet-movin’ beat.

  5. yeah, the link is down :(

  6. My bad, here’s the new link on zshare peoples.

    Thanks for your patience.


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