Teenage Drama on MPM!

This week’s mixtape is an adaptation of Teenage Diary, a gripping audio drama about an ordinary teenage girl, played by Vonda Van Dyke, Miss America 1965, searching for love and happiness. The plot blends romance, violence, sex and substance abuse wonderfully, and manages to thrown in a few moral teachings for wayward 1960s youths.

Teenage Diary is a wonderful story, with a great cast, and using the magic of audio editing software, I abridged the narrative to a succinct 20 minutes and updated the music to include Adem, Cody Chesnutt, Bird and the Bee and other hot kids.

I had fun with this audio drama cum mixtape and I recommend that you save it for a rainy day. If you want to track down the original Teenage Diary audio file, head over to the 365 Days Project, where WFMU (hands down the best independent radio station on the East Coast) dj’s posted some of the weirdest records, cassettes etc. that survived into the internet age, over 365 days. I especially recommend Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Total Body Workout” and “Picking Up Girls Made Easy”, two recordings every bachelor worth his salt should have in his mp3 collection.

Download (19minutes/15mb)


Joyful Exhaustion – Penny and Brad

Magic in a Mortal Minute – Cody Chesnutt

Backyards of Our Neighbours – Au Revoir Simone

Underneath the Leaves – John Vanderslice

Launch Yourself – Adem

Making Plans for Nigel – Datassette

Terror in the Night – Penny, Brad and Mr Harris

Sad, Sad Song – M. Ward

$49 for a Roll on the Beach?!! – Penny, Mr and Mrs Harris

A Casualty of Love – Mrs Harris and Mrs Martin

Darkwave Equals MC Squared – The Enright House

I Just Had to See You – Penny and Brad

The Races – The Bird and The Bee

Why Won’t You Believe Me – Brad, Mr and Mrs Martin

Love Will Tear Us Apart – Evelyn Evelyn

Love on the Rocks, at Diamond Point – Penny Harris


4 responses to “Teenage Drama on MPM!

  1. Ha. Awesome podcast! Really, really enjoyed the concept and track selection!


  2. omg starstruck.

    Thanks for making “Darkwave Equals MC Squared” available as a free high bitrate mp3.

    [audio src="http://www.theenrighthouse.com/media/music/02%20Darkwave%20Equals%20MC%20Squared.mp3" /]

    My Pleasure, Miss!

    #1 Blog for Midwestern Rockstars

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