Why Purdue rocks

From conception, my girlfriend and I have created a horror trailer for this contest, hosted by US News & World Report and STA travel,   that determines which university truly rocks.

At first you might be upset that this post doesn’t contain music. But wait, I did incorporate the skills I’ve learned from using Ableton.

Movie making integrates stills and audio to create the end product. Duh, right? With the help of Sony Vegas, we edited tons of footage from Purdue, and cut it down into a 2 and a half minute trailer. We then moved on to the audio part which was my specialty. After recording our dramatic script and successfully agreeing on the right inflections we merged the two parts to create our video.

So without further adeiu, here’s our video that we created

Why Purdue rocks

p.s. here’s a still image to catch your eye


3 responses to “Why Purdue rocks

  1. hold the phone… you guys are from purdue? that’s effin’ sweet! i graduated from purdue in may ’06. going back down for halloween to rock out for breakfast club and the UM game.


  2. electropopwhore

    Yup! We’re all from purdue except for creamyjesus [IU].
    Nice! WHere are you now? How’d you like the movie?

  3. that’s awesome! i’m here in chicago now. i mainly like to cover local events and artists, but obviously will post anything that’s good that i find or people send. i actually used one of Rumi’s photo’s from the mstrkrft show!

    that video was pretty funny… didn’t really know what the project was for, but i’m guessing it was for some sort of commercial? good footage too!

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