Show Review: Ryan Adams and The Cardinals

click image for the rest of the set

Thursday evening, I headed to the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis to see Ryan Adams and The Cardinals. I got to shoot photos of him for the first three songs. (btw, i h8z teh “3 song rule,” got 2 load dem pixxx) Then I got escorted out the exit, wtf. Usually, when venues have the three song rule they let me stay for the rest of the show… lame. But at least I got to hear “Wonderwall.” For those who have never heard his cover of Oasis’ original “Wonderwall,” DO IT NOW. I think Ryan Adams’ kicks Oasis’ British buttocks handsdown. What do you guys think?

I wanted to embed a poll in this post… But that would be totes LJ-licious of me so nevermind that.

I really wish I got to stay longer… I was really enjoying myself during the three songs that I got to witness. He is a great muscian but reminds me of our Conor Sebastian too much.  By the way, I have never seen so many plaid shirt wearing indie-rockers in Indianapolis until this show. Miss u Dowman <3

Ryan Adams – Wonderwall

-Rumi S


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