DJ Sega.  Before he blows up around the world completely, I have to..  well, help out, and share one of his tracks that I bought on vinyl the other day.  This guy pumps out remixes on a regular basis, but not just typical bangers.  His style illustrates his desire to pull every single person to the dance floor.  He arranges his own renditions of mainstream and underground hip-hop into club music in a way that would even make your grandma clap her hands while you’re ridin’ to the apple orchard in her Lincoln.  This mix I bought is off of CLP’s single “Ready or Not.”  Diplo and DJ Sega joined forces to remix the song, adding a little something extra to stomp to.  CLP is a duo from Berlin composed of Chris de Luca & Carsten Aermes.  Please stop just listening to remixes and check out their original track as well on their MySpace.

CLP – Ready or Not (Diplo vs. DJ Sega)

Like I said, Sega can get anyone on the dance floor.  I haven’t dropped this in a set yet, but this track is hyped.

DJ Sega – Smells Like Teen Spirit


3 responses to “DJ SEGA

  1. omfg, DJ Sega is a legend. Did you hear his remix of the 7 O Clock action news theme? Look it up, the video’s crazy good!

  2. diplo vs dj sega track is hot.
    and so is smells like teen spirit.

    and so is skaseii.

  3. Check out the Patrick Alavi rerox of Smells like Teen Spirit. better imo. Then check the Herve re-edit of Enter Sandman! EPIC!

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