Australia does downtempo sexy electro funk?

Misleading right?  Per usual I was perusing blogs and other various sites and ran across Sam Sparro. He’s from Sydney but moved back and forth between there, L.A., and London.  Imagine soothing male vocals layered over some delectable synths, add your occasional funky bass lick, and viola you’ve got Sammy.  I admit that some of the crescendos are a wee bit cheesy but hell I can’t be picky I love this guy! One of my favorite songs entitled Black and Gold is actually one of the UK singles that hit the charts.  These aren’t any BNGRS but a seductive cd to get your groove on St. Juice style. The downtempo bass just begs to be the music during those hot and steamy nights.


Sam Sparro – Black and Gold


2 responses to “Australia does downtempo sexy electro funk?

  1. found him through dancing with the stars, REALLY love black and gold. good stuff.

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