Mixtape Monday 5: Stealing Third with St. Juice, the CORRECT way!

Don't be a fool, lick a lollipop!

What’ up Internets?

St Juice here, I play alongside Laini Li, making up 2/3 of D.O.B. (as my genitals on their own make up a third and the rest of my body comprises the other third) and this is my first post on MPM.

Today, I have a very special mixtape for you, but its only for grownups or at least, very sexy minors.

Depending on who you ask, third can mean oral, anal, BDSM or the inclusion of multiple partners/barnyard animals.

However, despite differing opinions on the degree of libertinage “third” calls for, all parties must agree that, as the penultimate step before your final carnal goal, it must be handled delicately and tactfully.

This mixtape is meant to be another weapon in your hookup arsenal; to complement the wine coolers, scented candles, cat-o-nine-tails and king-sized rubbers stashed under your bed.

Highlights include: Mike Reeb‘s sweet-as-candy panty dropper “Soft Spoken” and Juvelen‘s “Summer-Spring”, a surefire “make out”/ “put out”/ “pull out” anthem.

So, turn the lights down low and slip in some “St. Juice”, and while you’re up, you may as well start reaching for your birth control…

Get “Juiced”

Much love,

St Juice

Tracklist …

Deserter (Four Tet Remix Instrumental) – Mathew Dear

With Me in Mind – Cody Chesnutt

Romeo (Acoustic) – Basement Jaxx

Soft-Spoken – Mike Reeb

Emancipation – Helios

Irene – Caribou

Summer-Spring – Juvelen

Inside and Out (The Audience Honey Remix) – Feist

Can’t Get No Betta’ – Cody Chesnutt


One response to “Mixtape Monday 5: Stealing Third with St. Juice, the CORRECT way!

  1. ohh gotta get me sum of this j00ce!

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