Show Review: Murder By Death

Last night, I went to see Bloomington’s finest Murder By Death play a show at Birdy’s in Indianapolis. They were joined by Cabin and State. The show was full of energy (and cigarette smoke); I pretty much wanted to beat myself for not seeing Murder By Death earlier. For those who aren’t familiar with Murder By Death, the four-piece band includes an (electric) cello player. && boy, she rocks the stage! Being an “orch-dork” during my junior high and early high school years (azn in orchestra, how typical), I never really saw orchestral instruments as instruments to rock out… but last night completely changed my view on that. I am a heavy listener of the first album, Like The Exorcist… and Who Will Survive…, which is a very dark album. Last night I heard songs from the other two albums and gathered that they have challenged themselves to a more punk meets country genre. (I don’t even know how to “label” music anymore. Maybe I can add -core and make up a new genre?! O wait, that is like sooooo 5 years ago. lawlzzz)

Here are photos:


Murder By Death – Flamenco’s Fuckin’ Easy.mp3

-Rumi S


One response to “Show Review: Murder By Death

  1. omfg

    That pic of the cellist is aMaziNg!!!

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