Beating S.A.D. with Mixtape Mondays

Autumn is my favorite season, the change of the season bring with it a host of evocative colors, making it by the far the best time to go shopping all year :).

Sometimes, though, the weather gets so drab that not even a brand new gunmetal-grey cashmere scarf can chase away the blues! You endure weeks without seeing the sun, weather so cold it chills your bones and risk life and limb as you trek through the treacherous snow to school/work/strip club/casino/wherever you spend your days.

During these times especially, good tunes are about all that can keep you from blowing your brains out all over your freshly-tailored, midnight-noire, peacoats (Right? Rumi, Brad, Michael, Elaine, other hipster douchebags? :-p )

This winter, fly south with me and hide away in a world inhabited by Emily Haines (from Broken Social Scene), Patrick Wolf, Lykke Li and more, you’ll be back home within the half hour.

As they say, don’t get sad, get mixtape monday!

Download (10mb/27min)


Au Revoir Simone – Fallen Snow

St Vincent – Now.Now.

Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love – Mayfly

Emily Haines – Reading in Bed

Zach Condon – Venice

Patrick Wolf – Godrevy Point

Lykke Li – Little Bit

Shout Out Louds – Impossible (Possible Remake by Studio) (End of the Summer Edit ;-) )


2 responses to “Beating S.A.D. with Mixtape Mondays

  1. haha hipster douchebags?!! puhleeeez, we know that you are such a blipster.

    or wait… aren’t you the guy in bloc party?

  2. kekeke!

    I wish I was Kele, he’s soooo dreamy!

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