Indy Fringe

Yesterday I attended the Indy Fringe on Mass Ave for my first assignment as a photo intern at Nuvo. In case you don’t know, “fringe” is a festival of live theater, dance, music, short skits, comedy… you name it! I didn’t even know that Indianapolis actually had “festivals.” I always complain about how Indianapolis has nothing to offer, always making comments such as “There’s nothing to do in Indy, Indy sucks.” Well yes… the amount of activity that goes on in Indy is significantly, dramatically less when you compare to big cities like NYC, LA, Chicago… but if you look around, there are some things you can do. You just have to try harder and put more effort into scoping out these events than others :P

Here’s a few photoz I took:

[++I WUN 2C MOAR!]

-Rumi S


2 responses to “Indy Fringe

  1. Hot fckn pics, girly. Your work is really coming along.

  2. thanks! love love love <3

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