Mixtape Monday 3: An All Night Disco Affair

Bradley D’s awesome skate jam mixtape got me into a disco state of mind, so I whipped up this 20 minutes all-disco mix, no fancy mixing, just a reminder of all the funk, cheese and soul that our parents used to copulate to. (Enjoy that image)

The first track, ‘Grooveberry Jam’ isn’t a disco standard per se, DJ Pumpkin Patch dropped it circa 2006, and I heard it for the first time at Rad 5 in Bloomington where I saw Pumpkin Patch destroy, alongside Action Jackson and Totally Michael. Pumpkin’s based in Brooklyn and plays a mean show: mashups, groovy disco, and electro all effortlessly blended. Add him on myspaz immediately.

Other highlights include Bumblebee Unlimited’s ‘Lady Bug (Just Let Me)’, you’ll beeee (hardy-har) singing the hook all year!

Download (22min/8.5mb)


Grooveberry Jam – DJ Pumpkin Patch

Ladybug (Just Let Me) – Bumblebee Unlimited

Good Times – Chic

Ring My Bell – Anita Ward

Disco Inferno – The Trammps (not ‘fiddy cent’)

Take That To The Bank – Shalamar


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