Mash-Up Tuesdays

I originally wanted to bring in some disco this week, and that time will eventually come.  Right now I just got done mixing a couple tracks for this slow jam, nothing too seat-rocking, but just smooth ridin’ music.  I first heard the Brothers Johnson when I watched Jackie Brown, which is apparently one of Tarantino’s worst films after he became known.  If you didn’t see it coming, I counteract and say it is one of his best, and the soundtrack draws a greater attraction to the film for me.  This is a video of their track “Stomp,” one of their party classics.  The song from the film I decided to use in this bit, however, is “Strawberry Letter 23,” which is something you’d listen to if, well, you were Samuel L. Jackson and about to pop someone.  What’d be good with this?  Probably “Machine Gun Funk” by Biggie (featuring Redman and Nate Dogg).  Recommended for the road long before the dance floor.

Strawberry Funk (Skaseii edit)


One response to “Mash-Up Tuesdays

  1. I got some disco for you this week!

    skeet skeet! Keep the mashes coming in boy-o!

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