End of Summer

So, summer is about to end and fall is about to step in and take over. Summer is all about hanging out with your friends, going on vacation, drinking beers by some sort of body of water, attending music festivals and simply having fun! Unfortunately I didn’t get to do as much this summer… but there is always next year! && summer isn’t completely over yet. So let’s enjoy the rest of it!!!

To me, summer is all about dancing and sweating to electro music but when fall rolls around, my muscial tastes shift towards more folk, indie rock-ish music. Something about the cooler weather, the change in colors of leaves puts me in a sentimental mood. I tend to pay attention more to the lyrics as well as the music. What do you guys like to listen to in the fall? What are some of your favorite lyrics?

Here are few of my favorite “I <3 to listen to these bandz in teh fall” bands:

Radiohead I already expressed my love for this band in a previous entry. But I really like listening to Kid A during the fall. I especially like to listen to the mellower songs as “How to Disappear Completely” and “Motion Picture Soundtrack.”
Radiohead – Motion Picture Soundtrack.mp3

Jets to Brazil This band is perfect to listen to when you are driving alone while the sun sets or when you are taking a walk alone stepping on crunchy leaves. If you have ever been in love, experienced a heartbreak, frontman Blake Schwarzenbach is your man.
Jets to Brazil – One Summer Last Fall.MP3

Band of Horses Ahhh this band is one of the best bands at writing beautiful songs. I fell in love (love at first …hear?) when I first heard their single “The Funeral.” I enjoy their lyrics as well ;]
Band of Horses – The Great Salt Lake.mp3

Bon Iver I just discovered this band this year, but I know it will be heavily played on my itunes this fall.
Bon Iver – Skinny Love.mp3

Owen Mike Kinsella always saves me when I am feeling low. I first listened to him when I had just broken up with my first love, a good friend sent me a couple Owen tracks. I had Owen on repeat for months and I still like to listen to Owen whenever I am feeling sentimental.
Owen – Nobody’s Nothing.mp3

Modest Mouse, Mum, Nick Drake, The Shins, Wilco, ++more

Sorry about the semi-emo post <3
-Rumi S


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