Mash-Up Tuesdays

Sean here, featuring a per-usual clash of the sounds on this fine Tuesday evening.  I guess I have to do the:  typical not only party themed mash-up but also one centering around songs that all have party in the title.  Oh no.  I’ll tell you what though, one of them was an accident.  Really.  Who cares, here’s the blammer for the week, not the weak!

“Let’s Broaden Our Minds” (Skaseii’s Prince vs. 2 Live Crew vs. AC Slater Edit)

Prince – Partyman (from the Batman soundtrack!)

2 Live Crew – Party

AC Slater – “Party Like Us” (Udachi remix)


One response to “Mash-Up Tuesdays

  1. Say creamy, isn’t it about time to do another installment in your monthly dj mix series?

    You know where to find me (every Mondays on MPM)


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