Rumi Roves Radiohead

Radiohead is my favorite band ever. I will try to keep this post short and simple because when I start talking about Radiohead, I DON’T STOP. Anywho… This weekend they will be performing at Lollapalooza and in Indianapolis (well, actually Noblesville) @ the Verizon Wireless Music Center Indianapolis and they are going to sexually please many ears. SO MANY EARGASMS!!!111 I have been blessed to see them live previously and lemme tell ya, they are the best. Thom Yorke will melt your face. I don’t think any other band has put me through a series of emotions just in one show. To those who will be seeing Radiohead: Be prepared and bring an extra set of underwear, you will wet yourself!

Here is my favorite Radiohead song:
Radiohead – True Love Waits.mp3

Here is a YOUTUBE video I took 2 yrs ago:

Idioteque, fools!


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