Mixtape Monday: So 2004[ish]

Hi Kids, welcome to the first ‘Mixtape Monday’ on ‘My Pleasure, Miss’ (or MMOMPM), this is Mayowa and I’ll be sharing Mondays with: St Juice, a reformed gangbanger turned preacher/rapper, other MPM writers, and readers who want to contribute (shoot me an email at: mayowatomori@hotmail.com).

The Mixtape

In 2004[ish], The Raveonettes, Futureheads, and other legitimately weird bands were making solid tunes that even the most marginalized, morose and ostracized could dance along to, groovy music about motorcycle-riding zombies, trite social conventions, interracial lust and other awesome stuff.

So tell me, what were you screaming for, in 2004?

Mixtape Monday #1 (25:44/10 mb)


Attack of the Ghost Riders – The Raveonettes

C’mon C’mon – The Von Bondies

Real a Lie – Melissa Auf der Maur

I Love You ’cause I Have To – Dogs Die in Hot Cars

My Friend and the Ink – Shout Out Louds

Meantime – The Futureheads

Finding Out True Love is Blind – Louis XIV

One For You – The Knife


2 responses to “Mixtape Monday: So 2004[ish]

  1. OOh I have a rad ‘Skating Jam’ mix that I made for my girlfriendddd’s bday. Mayhaps this could be a mixtape for mondayzzzz?!

    (note: it’s like 2hrs 9minutes is that kosher?)

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