Happy middle of summer Saturday.  Just wanted to write a quick blog about my pal Austin Henry’s band.  They are “the new wet dream”:  The Dirty Diamonds.  They describe themselves as “dirty doo wop that bumps.  Hard,” and simply fucking put, that’s what you get, and it proves to sound as promising as the title.  Austin Henry’s influences especially come out in their cover of the Weezer classic, “Tired of Sex.”  All of their drums are synthetic (in the best way, of course) and are topped by the smooth guitar and bass riffs from Dr. Rash and Austin Henry, respectively.  The ladies offer stunning vocals with often humorous lyrics (check out “The Showdown”).  They have been doing a great job getting their name out there, and every first Thursday of the month they have already managed to provide a routine that Chi-town music lovers can look forward to:  sweatin’ to the oldies with Flosstradamus.  Austin and Dr. Rash have also gotten into spinning oldies at their shows as well.  They are the new freshness in Chicago, and provide more than just the typical hip-hop and snob indie in the Chicago area.

If you are in Australia, you can still go to this, so fucking do it!  They just want to get their word out and they are letting you do it for free.  So as R. Kelly once said, tell yo girl to hook it up!  Or just hook yourself up.

We are also trying to set up an oldies night in Bloomington with myself and resident DJ Action Jackson.  If you are interested in helping with promoting, we’d love it.  Thanks everyone.


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