Mash-Up Tuesdays with Sean K

Good evening bitches. Tuesday, for me, is a day that can sometimes represent the never-ending week of work that lies ahead. Therefore, one of the first additions to this blog will be mash-up Tuesdays, hosted by me! I’ll have at least one jam every Tuesday to pump out, and the first one I’ve got for you suckas is a JAM! To explain briefly, I like how M83’s song “Couleurs” is dark, but still one of the most hard-hitting songs on their album “Saturdays=Youth,” as already hyped by the Whip Dip a few blogs back (and the rest of the blog world). I put the legendary “Thug Luv” by Bone Thugs and 2Pac over it for the intro to try it out, and I knew from then that it wouldn’t fail. It turned out to be a fun track, I think. Like it or leave it.

“Thug Luv” (Sean K’s Bone Thugs vs. M83 Fix-Up)


2 responses to “Mash-Up Tuesdays with Sean K

  1. Kase-y Hawt!

    Good ear putting these together.

  2. dude I like it. great selection

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