What’s YOUR 4th meal?

Following a long night of drunken debauchery, nothing is more satisfying than a Grade F meal. Ever tried Frosted Mini Wheats with Ketchup and Mayo? Didn’t think so. French fries marinating in pickle juice? Doubt it. What about those microwaveable “chicken” nuggets that barely resemble any sort of animal? MMMM…my favorite!

No one is safe from those late night cravings, not even our most beloved celebrities.

Dont Hassel the Hoff.

"KITT, I'ma need you to come pick me up..."

Here are a few simple guidelines to late night nom nomz (in no particular order):

-Keep eyes closed until “food” is formed.

-Never smell what you’re eating

-Never scrutinize the creatures assembling your meal

-Don’t make conversation with the intoxicated individuals sitting next to you unless you want to get into a political debate about how long Laura Bush’s taint hair is (13″ uncurled).

-Choose a entree that is sure to give you diarrhea.

Zomgz pure lard is DEEE LISH!

Zomgz pure lard is DEEE LISH!

– Alex W & mHo


2 responses to “What’s YOUR 4th meal?

  1. fucking disgust!

  2. I don’t believe this got only one comment and it wasn’t AWESOME-O!

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