Pitchfork Preview

Pitchfork Music Festival is an affordable 3 day music festival that is hosted at Union Park in Chicago. Public Enemy will kick off the festival on Friday night. This should be interesting, I hope New York, Thing 1 and Thing 2 appear on stage with Flava Flav as a back up dancer. Not really, but it would be interesting, fo sho! I just hope Flav’s set is not disastrous as Yoko Ono’s set last year. *fingers crossed*  Saturday has more of a indie rock line up including Caribou, Vampire Weekend, !!!, and Animal Collective as the headliner. Sunday is more up my alley, including acts like Cut Copy, HEALTH, Bon Iver. Spoon will wrap up Sunday night as well as the 3 day festival.
According to weather.com, it is supposed to rain Saturday and Sunday. Make sure to bring an umbrella or a garbage bag for all you indie-rawkerz/hipstarz.

Spoon – Dont You Evah (DJ Amaze And Alan Astor Mix).mp3

-Rumi S


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