Let’s make love and listen to M83

One of my favorite albums in recent memory is M83’s “Saturday’s = Youth”. Taking a few pages from his previous albums, Anthony Gonzalez paints the John Hughes-inspired picture of a angst-ridden teens. More importantly, however, he has given the hipster world music to show their significant other (man, woman, or right hand) how they manage to be both hip and sensitive.

The album’s got it all, ranging from the slow, passionate lovemaking of “You, Appearing” to the pulsing rhythm of “Couleurs”. Hell, there’s even the eerily haunting “Skin of the Night” for those that are into the weirder stuff. My personal favorite from the album has to be “Kim & Jessie”, mainly because I had two dogs, Kim and Jessie, and they used to have sex all the time and my dad had to break them up by spraying them with the hose.

M83- Kim & Jessie
I don’t know about you, but when I’m with my special friend (see the plaid androgynous fella above), I like to start things slow and show her him it that I’m really devoting myself completely to her him it. What about you? What’s your favorite music to touch another person to? I think this is becoming a weekly column, so more to cum!
-Alex W


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