Bust a move

Nothing wrong with starting out with shameless self promotion right? As previously blogged, I dj, in the modern sense. It’s all about the digital era with laptops running programs to eliminate the physical effects etc. Since dabbling with ableton last summer, I’ve djed with such fresh cats which include: D.O.B. , Bradley D, Dj Nimz, Sean Kase (aka Skaseii). People usually question the validity of my “djing” because there are no turntables and no vinyl and I think about how successful laptop djs have become and realize that hell.. if you can shake your ass and get down with the beats, does it honestly matter how you hear it?

Lafayette puzzles me sometimes. After the last song (thx Hot Biscuits)had played, an old hippie dude was screaming at me that the music was too loud and the quality was tearing his ears apart. Through my drunkeness and exhaustion, I nodded the entire time while we were packing but really didn’t give two shits what he was talking about. Oh well; constructive criticism shall be taken, right? Psh, he was probably too cracked out to know what was going on.


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