HALP! Indiana sucks!

Hey all—
We just came here to do the d a n c e!

Proof that Indiana sucks:
We went dancing at the Neon Cactus, aka the “hawtest” bar at Purdue University on Thursdays. Everybody was cutting a rug to radio rap/hip hop. We were immediately out of place because we weren’t wearing our douche bag polo shirts (collars up!) and/or slutty booby tops with leggings and heels but at least we had one thing in common with the rest of the crowd: intoxication. Bitches were twerking to emphasize their badonkadonkz. Brahs were on the prowl, looking for a trashy i mean, smokin’ hot babe to take home for the night.

To make our night a little better and to keep our buzz, we went up to the DJ and requested if he had any MSTRKRFT. DJ replies that he has the JusticeD.A.N.C.E. (MSTRKRFT remix).” We get excited and go back to the dance floor and eagerly wait for the number one hipster song evarzzz. Our song comes on. We go ape shit and get our dance on. However, rest of the dance floor immediately dies. They don’t want dance to this song because 1) They aren’t familiar with the song 2) It doesn’t have any rapping, no hip hop beats. People stare at us like we are some weird creatures from outer space. FOR DANCING TO JUSTICE (MSTRKRFT REMIX)!!!!!!!! WTF!!???

A familiar scene at the cactus. (thx google search!)
Welcome to Indiana. We think your tractor’s sexyyyy.

Just in case you missed jumping on the bandwagon <3
Justice – D.A.N.C.E. (MSTRKRFT Remix).mp3



2 responses to “HALP! Indiana sucks!

  1. btw…the “shittiest dj iz like dowman’s bff. dude invited dow 2 flo rida w. him.”

  2. electropopwhore

    FLO RIDA is sean’s FAVE artist EVAR

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