South Africa is Burning: Holy Spoeks

Spoek Mathambo

Spoek Mathambo

To call Spoek Mathambo colorful is an understatement, Mathombo’s a bag of skittles in a world full of marshmallows! If you haven’t heard about South Africa’s hottest MC cum designer cum DJ, you’d better recognize. Continue reading

South Africa’s Got Talent (Part 1).

Photo credit to Xander Ferreira aka Gazelle

Photo credit to Xander Ferreira aka Gazelle

Red Bull Music Academy had a little showcase in South Africa earlier this month, which brought out some of South Africa’s finest DJ’s, Producers and noisemakers to play shows,  network and learn.

So it seems like a very good time to hype South Africa. Continue reading

Gotta Love Dem Flashmen (Take II)

The Flashmen contest is technically over but we didn’t get the full onslaught of voicemails we’d have liked, so we’ve decided to do two things, extend the contest ’til Friday and lead by example.

The first is immediately in effect, the second is linked below and is St. Juice’s Flashmen Love Voicemail contribution. Hopefully this will spur off some of you anonymous people afraid to send something in.

love dem flashmen – St Juice

To leave us a voicemail call 646-402-5694 and hit extension 71793.

Don’t forget what you’re playing for.



p.s. Thanks to Jared over at Crush Central for giving us some love.

Gotta Love Dem Flashmen (Album Giveaway)

photo credit to ddephoto

photo credit to ddephoto

Our good friends Flashmen have an excellent track out on the Crushed Records sampler that came out today. “Little Wildkat” is a sordid three-minutes of passionate vocals courtesy of Daniel E. over splashy synths and thunka-thunka bass, most def. guaranteed to overclock your local party!

MPM loves Flashmen and Crushed records so much that we’re giving away a copy of the sampler to the MPM reader who can prove they have the most love for Flashmen.

Call our voicemail drop at 646-402-5694 ext. 71793 and leave us a message communicating your intense Flashmen love.

The most creative entry judged by MPM writers wins a giftcard for the entire Crushed Records album sampler at Amazon.

The competition will run until next Tuesday 14 July. Continue reading

Weekend Mixtape (If it ain’t 8bit…)

Juice said it.

Made this for Lori over at Get In The Van (from last week)

It’s a bunch of songs by St. Juice leaning more to the 8bit side of things. “8bit” is music made using gameboys, or any retro computer and video game hardware.

The mixtape is more “fake”-bit, it’s made using some of Tweakbench’s software instruments (VSTs) that emulate the sound of those wonderfully, shitty, evocative machines, so no real gameboys were harmed in the making of this mixtape…

Enjoy, this one clocks in at just over 12 minutes.

1212 by St. Juice.

Tracklist + More fake/8bit links Continue reading

What’s Your Favorite Musician(‘s used glass dildo) worth to you?

True Fanzzz!

True Fanzzz!

Tell me, if you had $$$ and unrestricted access to your favorite artist, what would you claim? Bjork’s bath water? Thom Yorke’s Baby Teeth? Trent Reznor’s ego? Phil Spector’s wigs?

How about Amanda Palmer (from the Dresden Dolls)’ dildo?

Continue reading

“skanky no” to “sexy pro” in 30 mins

Seal of Approval

Lori Samsel’s exercise video “Get in the Van” is the best thing I’ve heard of in a long time. Imagine Jane Fonda doing leg raises. Now imagine her doing them in time to cracked-out, blipped-out electro blaring out of a gameboy-shaped boombox. Now imagine her in outer space, on a pirate ship, under the sea and all over the universe!

Intriguing, isn’t it? Continue reading